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Pioneer Health Alliance

Discover patient focused care.

Innovative, Complete,  and Personal Care.

As a patient of Pioneer Health Alliance, you’ll receive personal medical guidance from your doctor. Together, you and your trusted family doctor, decide each step of your care. Accessing your healthcare will be easier because you’ll have the support of a Community Care Coordinator. Our Care Coordinators work closely with your healthcare team to schedule appointments, manage testing and results, and provide constant treatment follow up. To see Pioneer Health Alliance care in action, see the treatment scenarios below.

The care you’ll receive at Pioneer Health Alliance facilities:

  • Easier Access – Care Coordinators provide a single point of contact for all questions concerning care
  • Personal Care – Healthcare decisions are made by you and your Primary Care Provider
  • Team Approach – Centralized network of physicians cooperating to deliver comprehensive care
  • Coordinated Care – Open communication between physicians and specialties to determine solutions
  • Efficient Care – Fewer medical tests because doctors and hospitals will send records if previously done
  • Electronic Medical Records – Care Coordinators provide a single point of contact for all questions concerning care
  • Quality Driven – Treatment procedures and your outcomes are under constant review

You seem to be tired all the time and have a general lack of energy.

  • Contact your Care Coordinator and describe symptoms.
  • The Care Coordinator schedules time with your primary care provider.
  • After examination, your primary care provider orders lab tests including Diabetes testing.
  • Your Care Coordinator schedules a follow up visit to discuss test results.
  • Your primary care provider and you review the results and determine your best treatment option.
  • Your Care Coordinator, along with your primary care provider monitor your progress.

You have been experiencing knee pain for the past several days.

  • You contact your Care Coordinator.
  • The Care Coordinator schedules a visit with your primary care provider.
  • After an examination, your primary care provider recommends you see an Orthopedic Specialist.
  • Clinic staff schedules an appointment with an Orthopedic Specialist.
  • The Orthopedic Specialist examines your knee and orders a CT Scan.
  • Your CT Scan results and the Orthopedic Specialist’s notes are provided to your primary care provider.
  • The Care Coordinator schedules a follow up visit with your primary care provider.
  • Together, you and your primary care provider decide the best treatment option for you.
  • Your Care Coordinator, working with your primary care provider, follows up on your treatment progress.
  • The primary care provider and your Orthopedic Specialist consult on your progress.